August 16, 2015                                                           Volume 24 Issue 1

Upcoming Events


This Week

• Tuesday, August 18 - New Family School Tour

• Wednesday, August 19 - First Day of School

• Friday, August 21 - Coffee with the Principal

The Following Weeks

• Thursday,  September 3 - Back-To-School Night

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Adobe Bluffs News


PTA President's Message - August 2015

Adobe Bluffs PTA Welcomes You Back to School!

Whether you are returning to school or you are here for your first year...WELCOME!  Your PTA is so excited to kick off another great school year at Adobe Bluffs.  Not only is it a fun time to get back into their learning environment and connect with friends, it is fun to have our school family back together, as a whole, as we guide our kids through these elementary years.  We would like to extend a warm and wonderful welcome to our new principal, Eddie Park.  We know that you are going to love his enthusiasm and all the great things he will bring to AB.

Your PTA invites you to consider all the ways that you can contribute to support our students in their learning endeavors.  The PTA provides tremendous support to our teachers, staffs and kids day in and day out.  But we cannot do it without your support!  You can support the PTA in some very simple ways:

• JOIN!  There's power in numbers.  Become a PTA member for only $12.  And encourage all family members and friends to join as well!

• GIVE!  We offer the opportunity for our families to donate (in lieu of multiple fundraising efforts) to support all the wonderful ways we make an impact in enhancing our students' learning opportunities.  To provide these programs, your PTA suggests a donation of $100 per student.  And of course, you can donate more!  Your valuable donation is tax-deductible and is greatly needed.

• DISPLAY YOUR PRIDE!  We will be offering some new incentives this year that you can proudly display in support of ABES.  You could be rewarded if you are seen showing your pride!

• VOLUNTEER!  The experience will be meaningful to both you and your child(ren).

Thank you in advance for all you will continue to do to support our school this year.  We look forward to spending another year learning and growing with our AB family!

With Aztec Pride,

Janice Lutz, PTA President
Kristine Brownlee, EVP & Sponsorship Chair
Autumn Dobbins, VP Membership
Amie Butman, VP Volunteers


Principal's Message - August 2015

Dear Adobe Bluffs Community,

I hope this email finds you enjoying the last weeks of summer as the First Day of School is fast approaching on Wednesday August 19th.  It is an absolute privilege and honor to be your new principal to be partnering with this awesome community to pursue academic excellence.  As the school principal, I am committed to having an environment where I will be accessible, approachable, open minded, and a thoughtful listener for any matter that you may want to discuss.

Your interest in and enthusiasm for your child's schoolwork and school activities will help your child see school as valuable and s/he will strive to do well.  Read with your child daily.  Look over your child's homework every day and give assistance when it's needed.  Show your child that education has a high priority through your daily actions and words.  Preparation for high school graduation and college entrance exams begin now with the high expectations you set for your children.  Please make sure your child comes to school every day and arrives on time unless s/he is ill.  Attendance patterns get set early on.  We invite you to visit the school and be involved especially by joining the PTA.  This year we hope that 100 percent of our Adobe Bluffs Community will be engaged in supporting fundraising efforts as well as volunteer efforts to supplement multiple programs that benefit our students and teachers.

This year, we will continue to improve student achievement by supporting teaching and learning in the classrooms through our Professional Learning Community.  We want all of our students to be thoughtful, responsible, and successful global citizens through rigorous and cutting edge academic programs so that they will be prepared in this changing world.  I look forward to a productive year and promise to serve this community in humility and intentionality to uplift the quality of learning for all students at Adobe Bluffs Elementary School.

I look forward to meeting everyone when school starts.


Edward Park