December 13, 2015                                                           Volume 24 Issue 9

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This Week

• Thursday, December 17:  Thursday Sing

• Friday, December 18:  5th Grade Band Concert in the MPR

The Following Weeks

• December 21 - January 3:  Winter Break

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Adobe Bluffs News


Membership Update

Your Adobe Bluffs PTA is so thankful and proud of the support its families have shown by joining and donating to the PTA membership drive this year!  We have 292 memberships and almost $13,000 in donations.  WOW!  Adobe Bluffs... you know how to support your school.  We are still a few memberships and donations short on our goal and it's not too late to join or give.  We are also waiting on a few companies to match employee donations, so if you know your company matches donations, THAT is free money for your school!

Also, in the class competition membership drive, Mrs. Marks class has won the school supply gift basket and popcorn party for the class!  She had the best percentage of students with a membership with 85% of her families having memberships!

On behalf of the whole PTA Executive Board, thank you for all you continue to do day in and day out contribute to the success of our kids and this school.  If you have any questions or need more information on how you can contribute your time, talents and treasures, please don't hesitate to contact any one of us.

Have a wonderful holiday season and Happy New Year!

Much love,
Autumn Dobbins VP Membership
Kristine Brownlee EVP & Sponsorship Chair

Adobe Bluffs Elementary PTA

Amazon Wish Lists

Grant a Wish! 

Use www.smile.amazon.com and choose Adobe Bluffs Foundation or PTA as your charity of choice.  Find staff members' wish lists by their powayusd email.  Browse the lists and purchase teacher selected items for their classrooms.  It's the little things that make a big difference!!

Joy Hill                        jnittihill@powayusd.com         Preschool

Peggy Boyd                 pboyd@powayusd.com             TK

Roberta Bollish          rbollish@powayusd.com             K

Julie Lowrie                jlowrie@powayusd.com           K/1st

Esther Hilleli              ehilleli@powayusd.com            K-2 ASD

Kathy Ryan                 kryan@powayusd.com              1st

Rachel Ebner              rebner@powayusd.com          1st/2nd

Nancy Cline                ncline@powayusd.com            2nd

Stephanie Vasquez    svasquez@powusd.com             2nd

Lauren Garrison        lgarrison@powayusd.com           3rd

Kathy Seckington      kseckington@powayusd.com       3rd

Kivetta Kenney          kkenney@powayusd.com          3-5 ASD

Larry Knorr                lknorr@powayusd.com             4th

Kerrie Shank              kshank@powayusd.com            4th

Richard Figone          rfigone@powayusd.com             5th

Havena Marks           hmarks@powayusd.com             5th

Teresa King                tking@powayusd.com              Front Office

Karen Serafin             kserafin@powayusd.com          Health Office

Susan Lingner           slingner@powayusd.com            Library

Kim Maneval             kmaneval@powayusd.com          RSP

Sarah Ahmed             sahmed@powayusd.com           Speech


Order Your Child's Yearbook Online!

1) Visit http://www.memorybook.com/online-pay/login.aspx

2) Enter our school code 79392 and click next

3) Select the yearbook or personalized yearbook option and complete the order form. *Please enter what you want stamped on your child's book (Line 1: Christine Smith)

4) Submit order, payment and you're done! *Even though we will receive a list of who bought online, please keep a copy of your receipt.

Those who have sent in payments, THANK YOU!!  You should receive a receipt via email.  Please check that your order is correct, including your love line (if ordered).