Mileage Club


Having Fun…Feeling Good!

Mileage Club, held at lunch recess on Mon and Wed, has a number of great benefits and we are looking for 100%   participation from our students. Running is not mandatory. Kids can walk, skip, hop or jump! It’s not required EVERYDAY. Just pick one or two or three days a week and kids, teachers and parents will reap the rewards! Walking/Running helps develop fitness while building muscles, burning calories, reducing stress and creating good lifelong habits.

Why support Mileage Club?

  • Channels kids’ energy in a positive manner
  • Proves that exercise is fun AND rewarding
  • Aerobic activity enhances learning readiness and self esteem, two key elements in academic achievement
  • Teaches responsibility, mathematics and record-keeping skills
  • Children learn how to set goals and evaluate personal achievement
  • Encourages the importance of being physically fit

Encouraged & Needed!

Family volunteers help keep this program going effectively. This opportunity is a quick and fun way for you to see your kids in action during recess. You don’t have to come every day, or even every week. If you have some availability in your schedule and would like to help keep this program running, please email Krista Stephenson at

Mileage Club Rewards!

Tokens and Chains

  • 1st Toe Token @ 3 laps
  • 2nd (and consecutive) Toe Tokens and chain @ 10 laps for kindergartners/20 laps for grades 1-5

Special event tokens will be given out throughout the year. Random days are double lap days.

Students can also earn credit for laps they run at SPARK when they come do a lap at Mileage Club.

Grab Box Prizes

Students who reach the following benchmarks get their choice of a prize and will be recognized in Monday announcements.

  • BLUE prize @ 50 laps
  • RED prize @ 150 laps
  • SILVER prize @ 300 laps
  • GOLD prize @ 500 laps

Mileage Club Drawings

All students will receive prizes when they reach 50 laps, 150 laps, 300 laps, and 500 laps.  Additionally, students’ names will be entered into a drawing at various times as they continue accumulating laps.

There will be 3 names drawn in grades K-2 and 3 names drawn in grades 3-5 at each drawing for GREAT prizes.

The drawing will be held 3 times during the year and winners will be announced at Thursday Sing in December, March, and May.

Traveling Trophies

The class with the most laps in grades K-2 for each month will be awarded a Mileage Club trophy at the monthly Thursday morning sing.

The class with the most laps in grades 3-5 for each month will be awarded a Mileage Club trophy at the monthly Thursday morning sing.

2013-2014 Top Runners

At the end of the year the top 10 runners in K-2 and in 3-5 will be awarded a certificate, a special prize, and a special token for their achievements, with the top runner in each group receiving a Mileage Club trophy.