Traffic Circle


Our traffic circle team of parent volunteers helps to make the Adobe Bluffs Elementary School parking lot more efficient and safe, and we can do this better if we work as a team. To accomplish this, please support the following morning drop off plan.

1. Be Ready

    Be ready to unload quickly. Have backpacks in hand. Parents, please stay in your vehicle. Do not leave vehicles unattended in the traffic circle at any time.

2. Look and Listen

    Look and listen to Mr. Richard and traffic circle volunteers for guidance. Roll down your windows if needed.

3. No Passing

    Do not pass vehicles unless instructed to do so by Mr. Richard. Stay in a single file and stay to the right. The left side of the lane is for vehicles passing through to the parking lot.

4. Pull Forward

    Pull forward as far as possible – all the way forward.

5. Be Safe

    Please do not drive fast. Please watch for pedestrians. Please stay off cell phones.


Help! We need additional volunteers to help make morning drop off efficient and safe.
Volunteer slots are once per week from 7:25 to 7:45am. Email