Our Mission

PTA_LogoThe executive board works together as a governance team, assuming collective responsibility for building unity and inclusiveness.  We will remain responsive to input from our ABES family and serve as a link between home, school, and community.

Our Goals

  1. Grow PTA Membership to 300 members and raise $14,000 to support our programs
  2. Support literacy and science, enhance humanities education (Arts Attack, Reflections, etc.), and promote healthy lifestyles.
  3. Embrace the AB family (all students pre-school through 5th grade; ESS; Staff; and Parents) by welcoming and encouraging participation in our school.
  4. Utilize a variety of methods (Red Folders, e-mail, Connect-Ed, PTA website, Newsletter, and various meetings) to ensure communication between school & home.
  5. Encourage and promote conservation and recycling by:
    • continue utilizing electronic communications effectively
    • supporting student recycling efforts
  6. Work together with the Educational Foundation to achieve the best environment for our teachers, students, and staff.