Our Mission

PTA_LogoThe executive board works together as a governance team, assuming collective responsibility for building unity and inclusiveness.  We will remain responsive to input from our ABES family and serve as a link between home, school, and community.

Our Goals

  1. Grow PTA Membership to 200 members and raise $16,000 to support our programs
  2. Support literacy and science, enhance humanities education (Arts Attack, Reflections, etc.), and promote healthy lifestyles.
  3. Embrace the AB family (all students pre-school through 5th grade; ESS; Staff; and Parents) by welcoming and encouraging participation in our school.
  4. Utilize a variety of methods (Red Folders, e-mail, Connect-Ed, PTA website, Newsletter, and various meetings) to ensure communication between school & home.
  5. Encourage and promote conservation and recycling by continuing to utilize electronic communications effectively.
  6. Work together with the Educational Foundation to achieve the best environment for our teachers, students, and staff.
  7. Support student driven initiatives.