PTA Executive Board Postions


The highlighted positions are open for 2017-18

President:  Coordinate officers and committees, presides at PTA meetings, attends PTA District and Council meetings, and works closely with the Principal.  Time:  Presides at monthly evening PTA board meetings.  Year-long commitment including work over summer.

Executive VP:  Serves as the primary aide to the president.  Presides over PTA business in the president’s absence.  Handles the Hassle Free Fundraising campaign.

1st VP (Membership):   Runs the annual membership campaign.  Time:  Attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings.  Workload is heaviest at the beginning of the school year.

2nd VP (Programs):  Serves as a liaison to the PTA program chairs to ensure programs are running effectively and efficiently.  Helps to plan the program calendar.  Recommends program changes.  Attend monthly evening PTA Board meetings.  Workload varies throughout the year depending on choice of educational initiatives.

3rd VP (Volunteers):  Coordinates the placement of volunteers to ensure the programs that are planned can be chaired and manned efficiently and effectively.  Time:  Attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings.  Workload is heaviest at the beginning of the school year and is variable throughout the year.

4th VP (Legislation & Advocacy):  Responsible for demonstrating leadership on children’s issues at the local level by educating PTA members, community members and elected officials about PTA’s issues of concern and legislative priorities and goals.  Variable workload.

Secretary:  Attends and records Minutes of all PTA Board meetings.  Variable workload.

Treasurer:  Shall keep the books of gross income, receipts and disbursements and prepare the budget for adoption by the Association; record all monies received from the Financial Secretary; keep an accurate ledger of transactions; present statements of accounts at Association and Executive Board meetings; make an annual financial report to the Association.  Steady workload.

Financial Secretary:  Assists Treasurer with monetary transactions and recording duties.  Presents a Financial Secretary report and attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings.  Variable workload.

Auditor:  Audits books of the Treasurer, gives semi-annual written reports; and reconciles bank accounts monthly.  Time:  Attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings.  Minimal workload.

Historian:  Records activities, volunteer hours and achievements of the PTA and assists the President with preparation of the annual report.  Time:  Attends monthly evening PTA Board meetings.  Variable workload.