$upport Adobe Bluffs


Thank you for taking the time to take a look at this section of the website. Everyone seems to have a big heart and helping hands at Adobe Bluffs. We are truly lucky. Help comes in many different forms from our hard-working staff, eager-learning children, watchful eyes, and wonderful volunteers. It comes in the form of time and dedication, love and hard work, and, of course, donations. We truly appreciate all that you do. We know that everyone wants to lend a helping hand to support our children as they grow. Unfortunately, many of the things that we would like to do aren’t free. This page was designed to help us help you find easy ways to help us earn hassle-free funds. Please take a moment to browse through some of these ideas brought to you by our staff, PTA, and the Foundation. Come back often, as we will continue to do our best to bring you more easy funding opportunities.

Matching programs! Many employers will match your contributions to the PTA and the Educational Foundation. Please be sure to ask your employer if they are willing to lend a helping hand.
The Box Tops program gives Adobe Bluffs much needed funding for classroom supplies. We have the potential to earn up to $20,000 with this program.
Cut Box Tops off of General Mills products and bring them to the school.
Please visit www.boxtops4education.com to learn more.
Vons - through escrip.com, FAQ
AB PTA earns a percent of your purchases. You can also register other grocery loyalty cards, debit and credit cards. Click here to register to escript.com
 Ralphs - Community Contributions  FAQ AB PTA earns a percent of your monthly purchases. You must be a Ralphs Rewards Club member and register annually.  Click here to register.
Donate! Before you toss that old file cabinet, bookshelf, desk, table, chair, lamp, etc., why not see if one of our teachers could use it in their classroom first?  Also, your employer may be able to help by donating items such as outdated letterhead or envelopes, or other papers that our kids could use for scratching and scribbling. 
Contact: Krissa Jensen, krissa.jensen@sbcglobal.net
Every time you search the Internet using GoodSearch or shop at GoodShop, Adobe Bluffs earns money.
Please visit www.goodsearch.com to learn more. 
Contact: Kathy Duston, AB PTA GoodSearch chair at kbduston@earthlink.net
Through the Upromise program, you can save money for college and help raise money for Adobe Bluffs by just shopping and even buying gas.
Go to www.upromise.com and get started.
Target will donate to Adobe Bluffs up to 1% of your REDcard purchases at Target stores and online.
You must designate Adobe Bluffs on your account.
Office Depot donates 5% of your purchases to the Adobe Bluffs. Be sure to designate our school when your shop in the store and on-line.