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Welcome to Adobe Bluffs PTA!

Adobe Bluffs PTA Membership Registration for the 2017-2018 school year now available!
Adults, Staff and Student Memberships – $15.00           

Feel free to print 2017-2018 Membership form and return it with your check made out to AB PTA to your oldest child’s teacher.  Or mail the completed form and check to the school.

Membership Makes A Difference!!!

Joining together the parents, staff, and students at Adobe Bluffs


1.  Student Support:  Working closely with teachers and staff to provide fun and educational programs that benefit every student at Adobe Bluffs.

2.  School Day Programs:  Providing a wide variety of programs during the school day that challenge students’ creativity, help them build strong relationships and enhance each student’s school experience.  All students benefit from Arts Attack, Literacy Support, lunchtime Mileage Club, Music Enrichment, hands-on Science, Character Education and Adobe Bluffs’ exclusive Ability Awareness Education.  Students also participate in our annual AB Olympics/College Games field day and annual Author’s Faire when we host a published children’s author for a day!

3.  Non-school Day Programs:  Adobe Bluffs PTA provides many optional programs and activities for students and their families.  Including our annual Welcome Back Picnic, Fall Festival, National PTA Reflection’s Arts Program, Gardening Club, Dad’s Breakfast, Variety Show and Summer Book Club.

4.  Teacher Support:  Financial Assistance for Literacy Support in the classroom.  Celebration of our teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week and year end gifts to the school that have enhanced the comfort of the teacher’s lounge and provided important new teaching materials.

5.  Parent Support:  AB PTA provides information on educational workshops offered throughout the District.  We help share the many ways to become involved in your child’s education.  We assist parents with finding volunteer opportunities that are pleasurable and interesting while taking advantage of the specific skill sets every parent brings to Adobe Bluffs.  You may even discover and develop new talents you never know you possessed!

6.  Communication:  Enhanced communication to parents and staff by publishing and emailing an online weekly newsletter and maintaining a current and informative PTA website.

7.  Connection:  There’s no better way to know what’s happening in your school, or to develop a relationship with your child’s teacher principal.  PTA connects families and schools.  By joining PTA you show your children that school matters, and you are invested in their success.  Three decades of research proves that students achieve higher grades, have better attendance and more consistently complete homework when parents are involved — and just the act of joining PTA is a great way to get involved!

8.  Fun!:  PTA provides an opportunity to join with old friends and make new friends.  Build lasting relationships with your children’s friends and their parents.  By joining AB PTA you will continue to foster Adobe Bluffs’ “Small School With a Big Heart” community of caring families.

9.  Representation:  Members may attend Association Meetings held throughout the year and vote on important issues.  Your voice counts!

10.  Advocacy:  Advocates for critical legislative issues.  By working together, PTA members have helped advance local, state and national laws and policies to improve the education, health and safety of all children.

Saadia Esmail, VP Membership