Nov 262015

Grant a Wish! princess-wand-clip-art-50401

Use and choose Adobe Bluffs Foundation or PTA as your charity of choice.  Find staff members’ wish lists by their powayusd email.  Browse the lists and purchase teacher selected items for their classrooms.  It’s the little things that make a big difference!!

Joy Hill                       Preschool

Peggy Boyd                    TK

Roberta Bollish          K

Julie Lowrie                 K/1st

Esther Hilleli                K-2 ASD

Kathy Ryan                     1st

Rachel Ebner                1st/2nd

Nancy Cline                    2nd

Stephanie Vasquez             2nd

Lauren Garrison         3rd

Kathy Seckington   3rd

Kivetta Kenney           3-5 ASD

Larry Knorr                     4th

Kerrie Shank                 4th

Richard Figone             5th

Havena Marks              5th

Teresa King                        Front Office

Karen Serafin               Health Office

Susan Lingner              Library

Kim Maneval             RSP

Sarah Ahmed                Speech








 November 26, 2015