Feb 152017

We are pleased to announce the results and winners of the Spring BoxTops for Education Contest!

The Classroom winner who collected a total of 375 box tops was Room 3, Mrs. Lowrie class.  Congratulations.  Your class has earned an ICE Cream Party.  More information will be provided by Mrs. Lowrie on the date and time.

In 2nd place was Mrs. Bollish class at 229 and Mrs. Marks Class at 227.
Our students collected and submitted nearly 2141 BoxTops for our school, earning ~$215 on this contests.  For this school year, we’ve earned $830 just by clipping box tops!  Many thanks to everyone who participated!
Keep collecting those BoxTops throughout the summer months….all future BoxTops will be submitted to support the 2017-2018 school year.  Help your class win some prizes for the Fall Box Top Collection contest.  BoxTops can be brought to school at any time and placed in the office collection box.
Thank you Adobe Bluffs Families!
 February 15, 2017