Sep 092015

Thank you so much for the support many of you have shown to your PTA this year.  As you should have seen in the flyer that went home last week, we are still short of where we need to be in order to cover all of our programs that support our children’s education.  Our operating budget is about $37,000 dollars per year, all of which is spent in this school year and averages to about $100 per child.  For more information on how your PTA money is spent and more details, click here.

We are asking you to consider joining your PTA and donating to the PTA ($100 per child is suggested but any amount is appreciated!).  We do not want to forced to cut out any funding or programs, or resort to other fundraising methods such as gift wrap or cookie dough sales.  You should have received an email last week with a link to donate online, or you can just fill out a form and send it to school.  Membership cards and incentives will be sent home within the next week or so, so get those memberships and sponsorships in today!

PTA Membership Class Competition!

The classroom with the best percentage of PTA memberships will receive a basket full of great school supplies as well as a popcorn party!  Thank you for all you do to make our school great and thank you  for your financial support!

Autumn Dobbins – VP Membership
Kristine Brownlee – Executive VP & Sponsorship Chair

 September 9, 2015