Sep 122014

PTA_LogoDear Aztec Families,

I hope the start of the school year has gone smoothly for your family, and that your kids are nicely settled into their class rooms!

Thank you to those of you who were able to join us at our Welcome Back Picnic. You helped make it a great success! I hope you enjoyed the band, two of whom are Aztec parents, and their special guest and lead guitarist, our very own principal, Mr. Atkins!

As we are a small school, there are definite benefits and drawbacks. The wonderful part of being a small school is that every family feels like part of a greater family. We recognize and feel connected to so many in our community. The difficult part is that each family is called on to contribute more to sustain our programs. This year’s programs are budgeted to cost $41,000. At 390 students, we need to raise about $105 per student to fund all of our programs. Without your financial support, we are at risk of losing vital programs that afford our kids a well-rounded education.

This year, we are contributing to the expansion of our school’s Music program, which provides our students with weekly music classes that meet California Music Standards.  We are also rolling out our new Science program, which delivers hands-on science activities to create a more interactive learning experience for our students. Other programs vital to our student’s overall experience are  Arts Attack, which offers monthly art projects run exclusively by parent volunteers, and Literacy Support, which supplies our children with new books and learning materials each year.

On behalf of the PTA, I hope you will continue supporting our events and programs with your participation and financial assistance. There are three ways you can be involved, all of which we hope you will consider.

  1. Join. Membership is $12, and we hope to get 100% participation! Parents, children and grandparents are welcome to join.
  2. Donate. We need to raise $105 per student to fund this year’s programs.
  3. Volunteer. The experience will be meaningful to both you and your child(ren).

We look forward to your participation and support this school year!


Janice Lutz
ABES PTA President

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 September 12, 2014
Aug 132014

back_to_school_suppliesHello, Aztecs!

On behalf of the Adobe Bluffs PTA and Educational Foundation, we welcome you! Whether you are new to Adobe Bluffs or are a returning student, we are excited to kick off another great year together!

Adobe Bluffs is comprised of a wonderful community of students, families and volunteers, and together we support the school in many different ways. In particular, the Foundation and PTA work closely with Mr. Atkins and the Staff to achieve an overall goal of enhancing our children’s educational experience. We hope you will support both the Foundation and PTA so that we can continue to deliver wonderful programs and activities to our students and community.

Here’s to a great school year!

Janice Lutz

President, Adobe Bluffs PTA

KC Hellenkamp
President, Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation


Read the 2014-15 Welcome Letter from the AB Educational Foundation and PTA.

 August 13, 2014
May 022014

PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!
Wow!  What a great way to kick off our weekend with such an amazing talent show.  It was so great to share in so many very special moments Friday night and I know countless memories were made.  I am so proud of all the precious kids who shared their talents in front of a wonderfully supportive crowd.  And, a multitude of thanks go to all of our wonderful volunteers who made it happen.  It never ceases to amaze me what a great community we have here at Adobe Bluffs and I thank ALL OF YOU for it.
surveyThe countdown is on for the last day of school, and we have covered lots of ground this year.  Thank you to all of you who have supported the efforts of our fabulous teachers, as well as the programs that your PTA coordinates to enhance the education of our children.  It is so very important for you to know that this is YOUR PTA.  YOU are the ones who help make a difference in the success of our children, our school and our community.  Which is why I would like to encourage you to take just a few moments to give us your feedback regarding how we support our school through PTA by completing a brief and anonymous survey.  Even though this year is not over, we will begin planning for the next school year in the not too distant future.  We want you to help us formulate what fun we will have in the year to come.

Again, thank you for making our community such a special one.  Thank you for the great moments all year long, and I look forward to making many more memories with you in the weeks and years to come.
With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 May 2, 2014
Oct 062013

PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!
Can you believe we are in to October already?!  Where does the time go? It has been a great start to the year. The kids are engaged and have begun MAPS testing and the PTA is rolling with some really fun events coming up with Book Fair and Fall Fest.  Keep your eyes open for more opportunities for fun and to help out.

Remember, if you haven’t already, join your PTA… it’s never too late!  Your support is crucial and the benefits abound.  You should have received your decals and magnets last week as our thanks for your support.stop_bullying

Please check out the links below with some great information from PTA about bullying.  Bullying is something that Adobe Bluffs has ZERO tolerance for.  Mr. Atkins keeps a close watch on our kids on the playground, along with the recess supervisors.  Our teachers are very careful to monitor our kids’ behavior as well.  During our Red Ribbon Week later this month, the PTA is sponsoring a bullying awareness assembly that will reinforce how we expect our kids behave.
Mark your calendar for our next association meeting November 14 at 6:30 pm following the Reflections Art Show and reception.  We will be electing our nominating committee who will begin work on assembling our Executive Board for the 2014-15 school year.  So like I mentioned, the year is really flying by.  Thank you for all you do for our school and setting us off on a great year.  I am looking forward to much more fun to come!
With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 October 6, 2013
Aug 312013

PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!  Welcome back to what will certainly be another great year at Adobe Bluffs.  There are lots of new faces around and we are so lucky to welcome new families into the Adobe Bluffs family.  As we truly believe here at Adobe Bluffs, “we are a small school with a big heart!”  Not only do the teachers, the staff,  Mr. Atkins, the Foundation, the PTA and all members of the families work together to provide our kids with a top-notch education and a safe and fun place to learn, we also take great pride in teaching our kids the importance of being caring and compassionate.  As a school family we do that by leading by example.

As my second year as president, I cannot tell you what a positive impact and what fun you can have when you engage in your child’s education.  When you get involved at school, when you join and support your PTA, YOU are having a bigger effect than you know.  PTA is one of the strongest and loudest voices when it comes to advocating for our children here in PUSD, up to Sacramento and all the way to our nation’s capitol.  Our country as a whole feels that it is so important that the PTA helped push for the Family Engagement Act of 2013 to be presented to Congress.  The basis of this act is “to build the capacity of families, schools, states and school districts to achieve effective partnerships.”  Click here to learn more about this act.

At our school level, beyond engaging in the classroom and staying in close contact with your teachers, you can show your support by joining the PTA and encouraging other family members to join as well.  The Hassle Free Donation is just as important as your membership, as it is the bulk of what funds (without the “hassle” of selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, etc.) our PTA programs and budget through the year.  A $60 donation is what is recommended per student.  And what you get for that $60 is quite an amazing bunch of educational support and fun at school all year long!

I am so excited to lead us through another fun year at Adobe Bluffs.  My family landed in PQ six years ago with my oldest starting kindergarten at AB.  I cannot believe she is now starting her 6th grade year at Black Mountain!  She will flourish, as will my 4th grader and Transitional Kindergartener, as we continue on at AB.  One thing has stood out to me in the six years that I have been in PQ; there is a great number of people who were raised in PQ who have gone off, but then come back to raise their own families here.  That is such a great testament!  Our school and the families who feed into our school are the hub of our community.  It’s a strong and loving community where we are constantly looking out for one another, with our kids the center of our focus.

If you even have any questions, comments, concerns, please don’t ever hesitate to contact me or any of our amazing PTA Board members.  Our PTA team works seamlessly together to support YOUR PTA, so please keep in touch.  I hope your summer was filled with relaxation and fun, and that your transition from summertime to school year has been a good one.  I look forward to seeing you all around!

With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 August 31, 2013
Jun 032013

PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!

It seems like just yesterday that we were welcoming each other to a new school year.  Amazing things happened this year at Adobe Bluffs in the blink of an eye… our kids grew tremendously both physically and educationally, parents and teachers came together to provide an amazing learning community, we enjoyed field trips, plays, musical programs, and many fun events and assemblies.

I am never at a loss for words when I get to brag about our school and it has everything to do with the amazing community that we all work to maintain.  Our AB community is an easy thing to maintain when the happiness and success of our families, our kids and our kids’ education is our collective focus.

As our year is wrapping up, your PTA is looking forward to yet another happy, healthy and productive year in 2013-2014.  As you are reflecting on this year, please take a moment to think about PTA programs in regards to what you liked, what worked well and what didn’t, and what you might like to see more of.  Keep in mind this is YOUR PTA.  It does not function without your participation and input.  You will be receiving an email with a link to a survey where I hope that you will provide your feedback that will lead us in planning for next year.

I am overwhelmed by and oh-so-thankful for the constant involvement of our volunteers.  Thank you to the PTA Executive Board, PTA Chairpersons and all the countless volunteers for embracing our school with faithful arms.  Adobe Bluffs could not be as special of a school without you!  A very big and special thank you to Mr. Atkins – day in and day out, Mr. Atkins truly has the best interest of our kids’ and teachers’ successes at hand.  Thank you, Mr. Atkins for being the rock of Adobe Bluffs!

Remember, just because it is summer time, does not mean that learning does not happen.  Sign up for our fun Summer Book Club and turn to the helpful hints on the PTA website that our teachers provided us to prevent summer learning loss.  Mostly, I wish all of you a relaxing, refreshing and wonderful summer break.  I’m sure we’ll be seeing you around!

With much thankfulness,

Kristine Brownlee

 June 3, 2013
Apr 222013

Hey there Aztecs!

WOW!  Did we ever have a great turnout and productive day at our Earth Day Clean Up on Saturday!  Thank you to everyone who came by and worked hard to make our school look great.  We cleaned out flower beds, planted some new shrubs, spread some new mulch, and cleaned up and replanted the gardens.  Big thanks to Mr. Atkins, Mrs. Bollish and the DeWeese’s for leading the charge on these great efforts.  Mr. Richard came and spent his day off cleaning up with us too… Thank you Mr. Richard!

It was another successful collaboration of our great community – we had Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts and Key Clubbers; students and siblings and parents; AND even a couple grandparents!  It is always so encouraging to see people working together, and it’s not going to end there.  We are planning to set up regular times to continue working in the gardens and flower beds over the summer and through next year.  It would be great to form a Garden Club Committee, so if this is something that would interest you please contact Ami Lau, VP Volunteers (  We will keep you all posted on our gardening plans for the future.

Speaking of next year (but we’re not through this year yet?!), the PTA will be reviewing our current programs and begin making plans for next year.  One way we will do this is with a survey of our parents and teachers before the end of the year.  So, please give some thought to the PTA programs you love, as well as what might not work so well, and share your thoughts with us.  This is YOUR PTA, and we rely on your opinion to be sure that we are providing our kids the support they need.

It tends to get pretty busy towards the end of the year, so thank you for all your hard work and dedication through these last few weeks of school.  It has been another great year because of you!

With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 April 22, 2013
Mar 112013
PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!It’s that time of year where we need to emerge from our winter slump; the cold rain and shorter days have made for some cozy, lazy days.  It’s Health and Fitness Month at Adobe Bluffs and we have all kinds of great things lined up for our families to get a big jump into Spring.  As you should have heard in the most recent announcements, we kicked off the month with AB College Games and this week we move on to Walk on Wednesday (WOW) as well as the AB Educational Foundation’s Run-To-Play.  You don’t want to miss out on these great events.  And, thank you to Mrs. Sanseverino for leading the WOW day as well as the fun Family Fit Night on Thursday March 21.One of the best things that we can do for our kids is provide regular and consistent support for a healthy lifestyle.  A healthy lifestyle has a direct correlation to a student’s success at school.  We are coming up on an important testing season in April, and we can help them get ready.  When we routinely ensure that our kids are not deprived of sleep, are offered a balanced and nutritious diet, and are directed toward an outlet that provides about 60 minutes of movement everyday, we are doing everything we can to set them up for a healthy future.

The Importance of Sleep – Did you know that sleep makes you smarter? Just a few sleepless nights can make a huge difference in mental and academic performance.  Adding just one hour of sleep can improve attention and memory span.  Stress can add to sleeplessness and one thing we can do to lessen stress is to be sure we are allowing enough uninterrupted imaginative free play.  If you are having a hard time fitting that in, you may be over scheduled.  Chronic sleep deprivation can cause poor concentration, mood swings and irritability.  There is no perfect number of hours of sleep, what is important is that parents take time to know what is best for their child and stick to a routine sleep schedule.

Encouraging Smart Eating Habits – From the toddler years through the teen years, sticking to some core strategies can set some healthy lifelong habits.  This can be tricky with busy schedules and picky eaters, but with just a little planning you can make it work.  Sit down to family meals and offer healthy options as often as you can.  Kids (even teens when they may not act like it) crave this comforting ritual where you can connect as a family and also be examples for one another in making good food choices.  While you are eating, especially when they whine “I don’t like this!” discuss options for other healthy meals and snacks.  It shouldn’t be a battle… food is an adventure!  Visit the following websites for ideas and support: and

60 Minutes of Daily Physical Activity – We are lucky at our school to have a great PE program as well as some active options for kids to be involved in at recess.  It is so important, especially in our electronic age, that we are keeping our kids bodies moving.  Kids need 60 minutes of play with moderate to vigorous activity everyday to grow up to a healthy weight.  By doing this for our kids we can help prevent a range of chronic diseases, including heart disease, cancer, and stroke, which are the three leading causes of death. Physical activity helps control weight, builds lean muscle, reduces fat, promotes strong bone, muscle and joint development, and decreases the risk of obesity.
And now that our weather is warming up and getting sunny, don’t forget your sunscreen, hat and shades!  Being healthy shouldn’t be a chore, as a family we can make it fun.  Healthy and active kids, make for happy and smart kids.  And there isn’t anything much better than happy, healthy and smart kids!
With much thankfulness!
Kristine Brownlee
 March 11, 2013
Feb 032013

PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!

I hope that you and your family are surviving this flu season.  It has been a doozy of a season this year and I hope this finds you healthy and well.  You can tell the goodness of a community by the way it rallies around one another when kids or parents get sick.  Our warm community at Adobe Bluffs rallies as kids pick up homework for their friends, parents help with carpooling or even share some comfort food.

I have found myself bragging about the community at Adobe Bluffs, and PQ in general, as I have been talking to a family that is moving here from Virginia.  We are so fortunate to be a part of such an inclusive and active community.  One of the easiest and best ways you can be a part of and support our AB community is to join your PTA.

Thank you to all who have supported your Adobe Bluffs PTA this year!  If you have yet to join, now is the time.  It is our goal to grow our membership rate to 75% of our households.  We are just at 50% of households with memberships at this point.  Our budget is largely based on hassle free donations AND PTA memberships.  Your membership is crucial and we are asking you to please step up and support the PTA and Adobe Bluffs by becoming a member if you haven’t already.

How much is the membership and how is the money used?  A Basic Membership is $12 and a Gold Membership is $26 and is earmarked for things as important as Literacy Support, which includes new library books & library support, in-class reading programs, Early Morning Reader Program.  We are also able to provide many different programs such as Author’s Faire, Winter Jamboree and AB Games!

You can also contribute to our community by joining us or volunteering to help with some of the great programs we have coming up.  The Jamboree coming up this weekend is one of our favorite events of the year.  It’s always great to see our families come together for some fun in the sun (hopefully sun!).  If you would like to join the PTA or if you have any questions about opportunities to volunteer go to and visit our volunteers page.

I am a San Diego transplant (as of 5 years ago), as many of us are, and I cannot tell you what a difference it made in our transition to be welcomed into such a grounded and warm community.  Thank you to all of YOU for making our community great for our kids!

With much thankfulness,

Kristine Brownlee

 February 3, 2013
Jan 072013

PTA_hands_circleHey there Aztecs!  Happy New Year!

Are you rested, recharged and ready for 2013?!  I hope your Winter Break was filled with joyous times with friends and family.  I can’t believe that we are already almost half way through our school year.  Adobe Bluffs was a hopping place all throughout the fall with our great volunteers and teachers supporting some wonderful programs for our kids.  And here we are, getting ready for some more fun in 2013.

Our top resolution for 2013 as a PTA is to continue to work towards achieving our Mission and Goals through the rest of the year.  And with YOUR help, we will achieve them!  The Board will be reviewing how we have done so far this year (see below to review), and looking at what we need to do to to make it a successful year as a PTA based on these goals. Your membership and involvement is key to our success as a PTA supporting your children’s education.  Keep an eye out for a flyer coming home that will allow you to join the PTA if you haven’t done so already (or encourage other family and friends to join), as well as sign up for upcoming opportunities to be involved at school.

We have a fun couple months coming up with the Bucketfiller’s Assembly, Winter Jamboree, Author’s Faire, AB Games, and much more!  We couldn’t do any of this without you.  I look forward to reconnecting and charging into 2013 with you.

As always, if you have any questions, comments, suggestions, complaints, or just want to say HI, please contact me at any time.

With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

Mission Statement

The Adobe Bluffs PTA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our children through supporting their education.  We do this by planning and implementing activities that are both fun and educational, encouraging parent involvement and volunteerism, celebrating diversity in our community, facilitating parent-staff communication and sponsoring programs that will assist the staff in achieving our school’s mission.

2012-13 Goals

  • Grow PTA Membership to 75% of our total student population.  Last year’s PTA Membership was 69% of our total student population.
  • Support literacy, math and science curriculum, enhance humanities education (Arts Attack, Music Assemblies, etc.), and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Embrace the AB family (all students pre-school through 5th grade; ESS; Staff; and Parents) by welcoming and encouraging participation in our school.
  • Utilize a variety of methods (Red Folders, e-mail, Connect-Ed, PTA website, Newsletter, and various meetings) to ensure communication between school & home.
  • Encourage and promote conservation and recycling by:
    • utilizing electronic communications more effectively
    • supporting student recycling efforts
 January 7, 2013
Dec 022012

Hey there Aztecs!

I hope everyone has recovered from election season. As a PTA, we were hopeful for the passing of Prop 38, but are encouraged by the passing of Prop 30 which will hopefully allow the state to avoid a nearly $6 billion cut to education. PUSD is still learning how our school year will be affected next year, and what cuts MAY be made. Stay tuned in to the PUSD news and I we will keep you posted as soon as we know anything.

With that said, I echo Mr. Atkins’ sentiment of THANKS to AB Educational Foundation for the purchase of the set of iPads. This is a great step forward for our school technologically. Technology has become such an important tool in all of our lives, and certainly technology will continue to provide great avenues of learning in the classroom. As Betsy Landers, National PTA President, points out, “Our children are digital natives, that is, they have never known a world without these technological tools.” I am so thankful that our students now have these tools to help them continue to master technology, learning all the while, and giving the edge that they will need in the years to come. We as a PTA will continue to foster and embrace all the opportunities that technology affords us, in education as well as communications.

We continue to stay busy with some of our great programs, including the Ability Awareness program coming up this Thursday coordinated by Esther Hilleli. We are privileged to support such a magnificent ASD program at our school, allowing all of our students to learn firsthand how to be inclusive and empathetic. Our ASD teachers, aides and students are such a warm part of our school community. We will continue to focus on encouraging empathy in our children as Mr. Atkins has arranged for a “Bucketfiller’s” Assembly after the first of the year.

As we are in the midst of this “crazy” time of year, remember to slow down every now and again and count your blessings that abound. I wish you a wonderful rest of 2012, and I am looking forward to great 2013 with all of you and these great kids!

With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 December 2, 2012
Nov 112012

Hey there Aztecs!

I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween!  Thanks to all of you who brought in candy which will be delivered to the troops, and earned the school some funding.  October was an exciting month with a great Character Counts/Red Ribbon Week, many Arts Attack projects and the PUSD Food Drive.  Thank you to all our volunteers who make these programs possible!  Your time and support is truly invaluable.

With November here, there are a few very important things we need to address.  First off, if you haven’t done so already GET OUT AND VOTE TODAY!  As you may know, our PTA supports Proposition 38 which will be key to guaranteeing much needed funding directly to our school.  There was some great information that you should have received prior to this newsletter for some last minute reading before you vote.  Also, our next PTA Association Meeting is this Thursday at 6:30 p.m. following the Reflections Art Reception at 5:30 p.m.  So, come enjoy some refreshments at the Reflections Art Show and stay to learn more about how YOUR PTA is working for our school and our students.  We will be electing our Nominating Committee who will be assembling the PTA Board for the 2013-2014 school year.

Our Giving Tree/Adopt-a-Family kicks off this week, which is a perfect transition into our season of giving.  Take a moment to talk to your kids about the importance of giving back to their community.  They are not too little to feel like they can make a difference.  Foster a generous spirit in your children by changing the conversation from “I want” to “Let’s give.” And, when you lead by good example, they will follow.

We are in the downhill slide heading through all the festivities that will take us to the end of 2012.  It tends to be a hectic time of year, so let’s work together to keep our kids focused on school, as we prepare to celebrate the season with our friends and families.

With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 November 11, 2012
Sep 292012
Hey there Aztecs!
Can you believe that October is here?  We are off to a rockin’ good start this year and I’m so excited to see the wheels in motion for so many of our PTA programs  like Mileage Club, Library Helpers and Arts Attack.
Although we can celebrate the arts every day, in October we commemorate the arts in a big way since it is National Arts and Humanities Month. NAHM is the largest annual celebration for the arts and humanities in the nation.  At AB we are celebrating NAHM by kicking off one of our great programs… Reflections.  This nationwide PTA sponsored arts recognition program offers the opportunity for our kids to showcase their beautiful and creative artistic talents.
Each year students are challenged to reflect on a common theme – the 2012-13 Reflections theme is “The Magic of a Moment...”  Kids are encouraged to ponder what the theme means to them and express themselves in one or more of these six categories – literature, visual arts, musical composition, photography, dance choreography and film production.  The entries will be artfully reviewed with the chance to go on to be recognized at a council, district, state, even national level.
To launch the Reflections program, your PTA is sponsoring 2 Draw Along Assemblies next Thursday, October 4. One is for students during the school day and the second is in the evening for all families to join in the fun.  You will not want to miss the fun event.  This is one way that we, as PTA and parents, can encourage the opportunity to explore different facets of arts and humanities, and to help our kids begin a lifelong habit of active participation in arts and humanities.  For more information on submitting your Reflections entries, click here and for more information on the Draw Along Assembly, click here.
Thanks to so many of you who have joined PTA and have signed up to help.  You are the reason we can afford our students such opportunities, like Reflections and Draw Along and much more.  If you haven’t joined PTA yet or signed up to help out, now’s the time.  Every membership and every minute you can give MATTERS!  Please holler if there is anything I can do for you.
With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee
 September 29, 2012
Sep 082012

Hey there Aztecs! Welcome back to Adobe Bluffs! Or, in some cases, welcome TO Adobe Bluffs! I hope you are as energized as I am seeing all of our families back together these first few weeks of school. I see lots of smiles on faces and much readiness to learn.

Speaking on behalf of your PTA Board, we are absolutely thrilled to see the initiative and support for the PTA and its programs already this year. I have embarked on a new, fun and challenging adventure as PTA President this year and I am hoping that you will join me in this adventure. Your PTA works for your kids, for their teachers and for our school; and, your support is crucial and necessary to achieve our mission:

The Adobe Bluffs PTA is committed to making a positive difference in the lives of our children through supporting their education. We do this by planning and implementing activities that are both fun and educational, encouraging parent involvement and volunteerism, celebrating diversity in our community, facilitating parent-staff communication and sponsoring programs that will assist the staff in achieving our school’s mission.

There are many ways in which you can join me in this year’s adventure:

  1. Join the PTA! Your dues support the programs enabling us to implement enrichment programs that support your child’s education. Your membership comes with some great perks for you, as well
  2.  VOLUNTEER!!! It is a proven fact that your child’s success is enhanced by your involvement. There are many different ways that you can volunteer at school or at home. We have many working parents and there are simple and helpful things you can do too. Contact Ami Lau for more information.
  3. Come to a meeting! There are only 4 association meetings a year and you are an important part in the planning and decision making on how the PTA will work for your children.
  4. Be informed! We have launched a new website and newsletter this year and it designed to keep you posted on everything PTA related at school, as well as at a district, state and national level. To know what’s going on, go to

The year has gotten off to a great start, which is a direct result of all of the hard work of our past PTA volunteers and everyone we have lined up so far for this year (Boy, am I glad I have past President Krissa Jensen by my side. Phew!). We are so fortunate to be a part of such a harmonious school family, all serving to support our children’s education. If I can help you in anyway or if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to stop me in the halls or contact me at I will be seeing you around!

With much thankfulness,
Kristine Brownlee

 September 8, 2012
Aug 152012

On behalf of the Adobe Bluffs Educational Foundation and Adobe Bluffs PTA, we welcome you! Whether it is your first day at Adobe Bluffs or you are a returning student, we are excited about kicking off another great year together! Adobe Bluffs is such an amazing community, and together the Educational Foundation and PTA provide support in many different ways.

The Foundation and PTA work closely together with Mr. Atkins and the Staff to achieve an overall goal of enhancing our children’s educational experience. The Foundation and PTA work collaboratively, however serve different roles in supporting our school. It is important to remember that support of both PTA and Foundation is crucial to the overall functions at Adobe Bluffs, especially given the cutbacks in government educational spending.

Read the rest of the  2012-2013 ABEF-PTA Welcome Letter.

 August 15, 2012